This is not going to be a typical “I’ve always liked painting” story. Of course not!

Art was usually indifferent to me. I didn’t show any special interest in it. Nor was I drawn to drawing in every spare moment.

My adventure began “by accident”, when I was on the road to discovering my own sensitivity, delving into the mystical world beyond the visible. From lame forms, meaningless sketches and mess on canvas, to slowly emerging desire to catch up with those who are experts in this field. As a result of self-learning and discovering, and the enormous frustration accompanying it all (supposedly a domain of emerging artists), I decided to share it all with the world.

Like any artist, I value freedom, so I am constantly experimenting with transferring what appears as a vision in my mind to the canvas. I used to paint on HDF, but now I prefer linen or cotton canvas. My craft is still evolving, but a few directions have emerged in which I wish to continue to develop.

The first is marine, driven by a love of the views offered by the marriage of sky and sea. I want the painting to take the viewer directly to the coast, where he can admire the perfection of a straight horizon line and the spectacle that nature draws before him in the form of various visual phenomena.

The second direction is art dedicated to the home. These are often calm, subdued colors presented in abstract forms. Here the painting should harmonize with the surroundings and complement the interior design, and not necessarily be the star that shines the brightest. Relatively late in life I came to appreciate pastels and their ability to calm energy and spread a positive aura in the places where they are placed.

The third direction is pure abstraction, abounding in vivid colors, bold combinations and many layers that overlap. This kind of painting takes the longest to mature, often waiting weeks before it is considered finished. This is the most frivolous form of my work, where I don’t really think about what I’m doing, I just trust my intuition to guide me, and decisions happen outside of my conscious mind. I feel a real sense of excitement when it’s finished, and honestly I don’t know a better feeling.